2018 Shanghai Prolight+Sound Fair

2018 Shanghai Prolight+Sound Fair

Dec 28, 2018

Shizhan attend 2018 Shanghai Prolight+Sound EXPO


With the 100 new measures recently announced by the Shanghai Municipal Government on enhancing the metropolitan's openness to innovation and foreign capital, Prolight + Sound Shanghai 2018 (PLSS18) is set to showcasing ground-breaking technologies and continuing to cultivate industry advancement with our exhibitors and visitors from around the world.



The exhibition site is crowded with people. The Jiangsu Shizhan Group has a unique charm in the crowd and attracts countless customers to visit and consult.We unite as one, warmly welcome the arrival of customers.The atmosphere was lively, and we conquered our customers with our high quality products and almost perfect appearance.



Our high-quality products and competitive prices have attracted many customers to visit and consult. We also welcome every customer with the most sincere and enthusiastic attitude. We believe that the World Expo Group always adheres to the best product quality and the warmest attitude to satisfy every customer. The World Expo Group is trustworthy.